​​Integrate to Twilio with Middle

March 2, 2022

Middle has added Twilio to its catalog of apps. You can now use Middle to connect your product or service to Twilio

About Twilio

Twilio is a customer engagement platform that makes it easy for companies to communicate with customers through text, voice, chat, email or video- anywhere in the world. With Twilio, you can ensure that clients will receive your message quickly and easily on any channel they prefer.

About Middle

Middle is a flexible integration platform as a service (iPaaS) for marketing agencies, enterprises and SaaS companies. Use out-of-the-box integrations in our catalog or customize them to your exact requirements or add your own private apps.  Predictable pricing and no limits, other than what your provisioned hardware can handle.

Twilio integration details

Middle pulls data from other apps to send SMS text messages through Twilio. You can customize the message using a mix of static and variable data from your apps. This allows for things like, sending new customers a personalized text after their first purchase.

Use Cases

Here are a few use cases for using Middle to integrate with Twilio:

  • You’re a SaaS company that wants to provide your service to businesses using Twilio, but you need to integrate with Twilio for it to work. 
  • You’re a marketing agency that manages texting campaigns for your clients and you need to integrate with Twilio to provide your service.
  • You’re an enterprise that uses Twilio and wants to integrate it with other services such as Shopify, Lightspeed Retail or MindBody.

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