New feature: Trigger workflow when a record changes

April 8, 2022

You can now trigger a workflow when a record changes in Middle. 

How this feature works

Because Middle stores ingested data, it can compare the most recent records with their previous version, and then perform the action that you define based on how the record changed. Middle can do this because it stores a history of each field.  

Setting up a workflow is straightforward and is all done using Middle's visual programming interface.

Build out a workflow that triggers an action when a record changes.

Use cases

Companies can use this feature for their sales and marketing:

  • A gym member upgrades their membership going from tier 1 to tier 2, updating the membership type field, and the gym triggers an email to them explaining all of the benefits of the upgrade. 
  • A customer updates their email address in the point of sale system so the new email does not equal the old email and a workflow is used to update the marketing automation tool accordingly.
  • A business wants to reward its customers for switching from credit card to ACH and so when Middle sees the “payment method” change to ACH, it triggers reward points to the customer.  

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